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7 Ways Appointment Booking Software can restore your Retail Experience

As we move into the second wave of COVID-19 restrictions, businesses have become habitual to exploring an extent of options and models to maintain services and contact with customers. The majority of these options are upheld by online booking, whether it be appointments for restrained in-store shopping, personalized experiences, or virtual interactions.

As per a recent study, it is estimated that the online booking software market to be worth over $600m by the year 2027. One of the most modern challenges being faced by all retail businesses throughout the global pandemic has been the necessity to make sure retail environments are secured and COVID safe.

Below we glance at how your business can use Reservzy as an end-to-end booking system to deliver services and built around pre-booked appointments.

  1. Personalized Experiences –
  2. The ultimate goal of the retail is having a customer enjoy a one-to-one experience that feels special and personalized – it boosts loyalty, verbal recommendations, and, lastly, sales. With Reservzy it’s simple to offer a broad range of personalized services across multiple stores and locations, without having concern about appointment scheduling or resource availability.

  3. In-store Services –
  4. As COVID-19 rules allow customers back into stores, these sorts of customer-centric extras have become pivotal to a modern store, restoring the faith and joy of in-store shopping. This benefits in keeping the focus on a great customer experience without delay, while providing retailers a system to ensure safety by scheduling time between bookings, and offer hygiene processes if required.

  5. Virtual Sales Appointment – 
  6. To modify to new customer behaviors and choices, retailers will require to evaluate their current omnichannel offerings and find possibilities to innovate and fill gaps.

    When in-store appointments aren’t possible, or a customer prefers the ease of a virtual option, a video-based consultation provides a great customer experience. With scheduling video appointments, your team will feel free to focus on delivering the best appointment possible.

  7. Click and Order –
  8. Click and order was already famous with retailers to compete with online shopping, but with stores shut or restricted during COVID-19, it has become a critical way to manage sales and customer satisfaction. An appointment booking system possesses various features to precisely estimate the time required for each appointment, as well as buffer times to evade client overlap or the build-up of lines.

  9. Controlled in-store Shopping –
  10. A completely new challenge caused by COVID-19 restrictions has been how to securely manage limited numbers of customers in your stores at a given time. The new online booking and shop app provides a simple system to establish time-limited slots for defined numbers of customers to shop in your store.

  11. Embrace an Agile Operating Model –
  12. As retailers redevelop their customer experience, they should bring customers into the design process to share feedback as opinions to ensure new offerings meet actual needs and de-risk initiatives along the way. By adopting agile methods besides the generation of real-time customer insights, retailers can more quickly alter their business model and offerings to meet customer expectations.

  13. Virtual Group Events –
  14. Online appointment booking software offers the functionality to easily handle the online booking of events for groups. This can be used for multiple purposes, from offering private access to in-store events, managing restrained shopping sessions with limited capacity, or for virtual events.

How to Employ an Online Retail Appointment System?

Retail appointment scheduling software and online booking system solutions and apps provide a huge sort of advantages. Allowing your customers to pick particular services and experiences, encourages onsite visits, and expands your service offering.

Below are some of the approaches that retail businesses are adopting online scheduling –

  • Personal shopping experiences, fittings, and alterations
  • Salons and makeup application experiences
  • Automotive service and repair/tire services
  • Computer service and repair/technical support
  • Makeovers/makeups
  • Training, events, and seminars
  • Sales appointments
  • Customer scheduling
  • Retail staff scheduling

Final Thoughts –

Retailers have much scope to embrace, and time is crucial. As the next normal is still taking shape, the customer expectations will continue to change in response. However, retailers that focus on customer experience and answer with agility and innovation in their omnichannel experience will manage better and strengthen their bonds to customers.

If you’d seek to know more about how to use Reservzy to bring your shop/store to the next level. Feel free to contact us via our website. Our team will be glad to help you!

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