Online Doctor Appointment Booking App for Patients

Increase efficiency and empower your patients to book appointments online 24*7.

Doctor Appointment App

The streaming of a medical center has the wellbeing and health of its patients at its core. However, the nature of the medical field requires deep analysis, detailed reporting, and severe security. You should be able to commit most of your time to take care of your patients.

Reservzy can make it simpler. Your all-in-one doctor booking app system enables you to digitally back up individual health records and treatment recommendations.

Key Features of Doctor Appointment App

Convenient Booking Facility

Exclusive options for the patients to efficiently book their preferred doctor with constant access to schedule appointments at their suitable time.

User-Friendly Dashboard

A highly user-friendly dashboard helps multiple users like admin, doctors, and regular users to flip through the several functionalities of the app in a much more effective way.

Manage Health Records

All your medical records are secured and stored in your health account. Just login to our service site and all records will be in one spot.


Avoid miscommunication and reduce the burden on your team by simplifying their work process.

Reschedule Appointment

An option for the patients to reschedule the appointment as per their availability without any interruption.

Benefits of Adopting a Doctor Appointment App

Appointment Confirmation

You get instant confirmation on your scheduled appointment or any other services that you might have used through booking like re-scheduling your appointment.

Minimize Missed Appointments

Automated SMS and email notifications for every booking. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on prescriptions or visiting your doctor.

Health Records

A beneficial feature to securely look at your past medical history, lab test reports, and medications which makes it easy to access anywhere and stress-free of losing valuable medical records.

Simplifies Scheduling

With Reservzy, scheduling befalls in one well-organized platform so that endless back and forth interaction can be avoided and streamlined communication is assured.

Quick Information Processing

Manage all of your patients’ information reliably, instantly set up recurring appointments, accept online payments, and analyze the data to find helpful business insights.

Why Reservzy Doctor Scheduling App is best for your Business?

Google Sync Calendar

Synchronize your individual and professional calendars to ensure that you don't schedule an appointment with a patient when you won't be able to see them.

Bookings from Multiple Channels

Reservzy enables new patients to find your medical clinic facility from multiple different sources like Google, Facebook, Instagram, to help your potential patients find you.

24*7 Availability

Give your patients a flexible online booking service at their convenience when they are most likely to schedule an appointment.

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

Increase patient satisfaction with reduced waiting time and automatic waiting lists.

Manage your Business

Keeps you up-to-date with your business performance via the admin app. Maintain track of bookings, sales, and much more through your dashboard and insightful reports.

Simplify your Business by using an easy-to-use online appointment app for doctors.

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